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It is a startling fact that some care providers are currently battling a 30% staff churn. Days lost to sickness are also higher within adult social care than the national average (across all sectors). With greater caution regarding infection control, more focus on wellbeing and self-care, days lost to sickness within care are also higher now than pre pandemic figures (within adult social care). These factors combine to leave some care providers struggling to maintain safe staffing levels. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are encouraging care providers to find new ways of working to combat these challenges and help a gridlocked system.

Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Integrated Care and Interim Chief Operating Officer, has said of the situation:

“With 165,000 vacancies in adult social care, there needs to be a real step change in thinking about how to attract and retain staff, with better pay, rewards and training linked to career progression. If this does not happen, people will be at increased risk of harm.

As we are all aware, care providers do not work in a vacuum, they should be operating as part of a community surrounded by external agencies and suppliers. At Redcrier, we believe we have a responsibility to offer relevant solutions to our clients and other care providers in the pressing issues that they face.

To this extent, we have teamed up with occy, a market-leading end-to-end recruitment platform. occy’s digital solution allows you to set out your business’s ethos within the recruitment process, which leads a candidate through your doors and into a career in care. As your values are then more aligned, this has a hugely beneficial effect on retention levels and care delivery.

With occy and Redcrier, you have an opportunity to combine digital tools to identify the right candidates based on their values and approach, check their competency (before placement), and begin training to form the basis of a progressive career.

Building a care team that can rely on each other to be present and effective reduces the pressure on each individual and makes for a much better working environment. A team pulling together, doing the right thing at the right time, would be the foundation for a better culture. A cohesive, well-trained team will also mean higher standards of care, and fewer injuries and accidents. A better care environment will attract more clients, increase your waiting list, and allow you to build greater profit margins that can be reinvested, therefore improving your organization in a harmonious cycle. As Skills for Care also noted, employers with the lowest turnover rates have accredited their success to:

  • Investing in learning & development (94%)
  • Embedding the values of their organization (92%)

Redcrier and occy working together can help you to build that progressive pathway for new candidates, reduce the burden of onboarding new starters, and help you to improve your retention levels.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organisation.

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