Now’s Not The Time To Lower Your Infection Control Guard

We’re obviously in a much better and calmer place than we were a year ago. The majority of the UK population is now vaccinated against Covid-19 and many of the most vulnerable have also received boosters.

Some experts predict that by spring of 2022 the virus may have moved to ‘endemic’ status in the UK. This will mean that, like the flu, it’s always in circulation but under control.

But, despite vastly fewer hospitalisations and deaths, there are still thousands of positive Covid tests recorded every day. Many elderly care home residents remain at risk even if they are vaccinated.

Added to that we have the usual winter threats of Norovirus, flu and colds that mean defences have to be kept high through effective infection control measures.

For all of these reasons, infection control in care homes will continue to be an area that CQC inspectors focus on. The scope of their investigations will include visiting policies, safe admissions, PPE use, hygiene and, of course, policies and training.

Infection Control – Beyond Inspections

Above and beyond the CQC requirements, care home providers want to be confident that they’re doing everything practical to keep residents, staff and visitors safe. It’s also worth noting that staff turnover in the care sector remains high. Care homes have to keep on top of the competence levels of all staff to maintain consistently high standards.

Infection Control in Practice is a course that gives everyone an excellent overview of effective infection control measures in a modern care home. The main points it covers are as follows:

  • Prevention and protection from infection for everyone in the workplace
  • Preventing spread of infection through safe hygiene practice
  • Shielding/isolation and social distancing
  • Safe admissions
  • Effective PPE use
  • Effective testing practice

It’s a face-to-face course that we are able to deliver remotely.

For staff members who need greater awareness or refresher training on more general infection control measures, Redcrier also offers an Infection Control course in face-to-face, eBox e-learning and distance learning formats.

For more information, access our free resource centre or, call Redcrier on 01823 332200.

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