Mourning a Monarch 

Many of the Redcrier team have young families and it is becoming apparent that the young children, at their tender age, have experienced more world altering events than some of the parents. The sad news of Queen Elizabeth II passing is another monumental moment in the dizzying, roller-coaster timeline of recent years. The Queen has been a constant in most of our lives and shouldered a huge responsibility for our humble nation for so long. The immediate public outpour of emotion is testament to both her character and duty fulfilled as Head of State. 

Of course, our thoughts are with the Royal Family, they are only human and will no doubt be grieving amidst this time of transition. But we are also thinking of individuals that have lived long enough to witness some, if not all, the Queen’s reign and who are potentially deeply affected by the change of circumstance. Also thinking of those who do not have the capacity to make complete sense of the current challenges, and those who are saddened by today’s news.   

Whilst we look toward the ascension of King Charles III, we hope we will soon see many pictures of our clients (and other care providers) celebrating the memory of an incredible lady, who had a historic reign and who has left a tremendous legacy. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. Long live the King.  

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