It’s More Important Than Ever To Manage Competency Assessments Efficiently

There have been high staff vacancy levels for many years in both residential and home care and the current economic situation means that more people are available to fill those roles. The canidate pool may be larger, but the pressure of hiring the correct candiates remains.

Skills for Care estimates that 7.3% of roles in adult social care were vacant in 2019/20 – equivalent to 112,000 vacancies. Meanwhile, the Government is launching a national publicity campaign to promote careers in care.

So what are the implications of having more people with zero care experience considering care for their next career move?

Recruitment and Training Needs

An influx of new staff will certainly affect the need for training and development – alongside the ongoing needs of your existing staff. Increasing your staffing levels also increases the pressure of coordinating and organising training effectively.

When taking on new staff you need to quickly get an understanding of their base knowledge, training requirements and competency. If you expect staff to work unsupervised, the time it takes to prepare them can impact their ability to earn.


There is a current expectation to support care staff through a use of competency testing to make training more targeted. In principle, this approach would be very logical, but the reality of mapping out staff competencies and training gaps could potentially consume a lot of your time and resources.

Competency Assessments Simplified

Thankfully, it’s possible to simplify the process by using our online eCompetency tool. The tool uses a range of realistic scenarios to test each individual’s competency in various areas. You can select between residential and home care to ensure that the scenarios and exercises are relevant for each person’s job role.


If your team needs further training, this can be provided through the appropriate mix of remote face-to-face sessions, digital training and eLearning. Redcrier offers care training courses through multiple formats to suit the needs of individuals and your organisation.

Find out more about the eCompetency tool and the courses we offer. For more information on our eCompetency tool, contact us on 01823 332200.

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