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Now more than ever, care providers need support. Currently funding is available, however these funds have a practical cost. The funding has placed expectations on care providers to increase reporting and auditing in order to justify the financial support.

Care providers are further challenged with the rules around care home visitors, creating confusion around safeguarding, mental capacity and infection control. Stopping staff from moving between care homes has recently been proposed, which if brought into force, will impede providers further, reducing their ability to rely on agency staff and place greater pressure on staff teams that are already depleted through cases of self-isolation. The intentions of these measures are not in question, but practical and financial implications will likely follow.

There is no denying that 2020 has presented a lot of challenges for individuals and organisations. One of the many defining attributes of care providers is that you simply do not have the choice of closing the hatches and weathering out the storm. Due to the nature of care provision, you must remain operational whilst maintaining fundamental standards.

In an effort to support you through this challenging period, we have produced free training on Covid-19 and also Infection Control, including the latest information regarding PPE. These courses are available free for any care provider to access and deploy amongst their staff and you can help yourself below.



Customer Service & Providing Digital Solutions

Numerous businesses across all sectors have looked toward digital solutions whilst Covid-19 presents more and more challenges. More people have suddenly opened themselves up to the prospect of digital solutions to real world problems whether that is socially or professionally. The care sector is no exception to that rule; 60% of surveyed care givers prefer online training rather attending a face-to-face classroom session. 38% of those surveyed also stated that they would rather onboard remotely too. We have had a large proportion of our client base move from more traditional distance learning and face to face sessions migrating toward eBox (eLearning), eCompetency (virtual reality competency testing) and remote videoconferencing face to face sessions that we now supply.

We have evolved our company structure and now have a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager; James, along with our eBox support team. Contact James on 01823 332200 or email ebox@redcrier.com

We have also introduced a new payment method to make it easier for you to work with us. Like a lot of organisations, we now offer as much of the training and support remotely via digital solutions to keep your staff safe. CQC have started to amend their practices to encompass digital processes, including remote inspections and increased data capturing. Like all of us, CQC have had to be flexible in their operational structure; previously deploying an emergency support framework, which has now evolved into their transitional monitoring approach. If you have any questions or need some support on the structure of your training, including CQC current expectations and the questions and risks assessments that you could be going through prior to planning your training, then please do not forget that there is a friendly team at Redcrier that will happily talk and help you.

If you time the call directly, we might even share festive cheer. You can reach us via social media, info@redcrier.com, 01823 332200 or by clicking the button below.


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