How to Stay On Top of Care Training Needs

Caring for others is not easy. It never has been. More recently with staff shortages, Covid backlogs and increasing costs, being at the helm of a care business is harder than ever. Navigating the sea of constant change is incredibly challenging. We all know that CQC offer support to the care sector, however recent changes to the monitoring of social care places an expectation on all social care professionals to realign their practices accordingly and quickly.

We are committed to supporting care providers so they can maintain high levels of care. By training care professionals to be able to retain and access the knowledge they need to do the right thing at the right time, a positive ethos and culture can be created within your organisation. 

We recognise it is absolutely business critical for you to maintain compliance, and it is of the utmost importance to meet, if not surpass, the required standards imposed upon you by both the governing body and local authority. Which is why training needs to be both flexible yet robust and provide solutions around the complex needs of individuals.

Continuous and up to date staff training leads to better standards of care, which in turn leads to higher levels of compliance, higher accreditation ratings and a better reputation. Empowered staff have greater job satisfaction, creating a more positive culture and improving retention. This can help improve revenues and cut insurance costs.

eLearning provides the Ideal Solution

The right digital technology can be a real game changer for care managers, making it much easier to have control and transparency regarding staff training. Creating time to allow a Care Manager (or Training Manger) to measure the effectiveness of the training and importantly promote staff development.

With a system like eBox, access to training content, training records, compliance reporting and certificates is quick and easy. Plus, our dedicated support team help users get the best from the system making it even more straightforward.

The question is, what would you do with your time saved through using digital technology?

eBox was designed with user experience at the forefront of the development process.

We understand the pressures and pain points care professionals face and have designed eBox to help make life simpler. Navigation through the interactive course content is straightforward for the learner and the reporting suite allows Managers to draw down the relevant information easily. This combination helps you to plan, deliver, assess and review your training more effectively.  

If you’d like advice on how to apply digital technology to staff learning and development book your demo today or call us on 01823 332200. You can also find further free helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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