How to Quickly Integrate International Carers into Your Team

Persistent staff shortages in the UK care sector mean that providers and the Government are increasingly looking abroad for solutions. Recently £15m was added to the pot for international recruitment for social care workers.

Filling a vacancy is just the first step. Not only must new international recruits be competent to deliver care, this competence needs to be demonstrated and certified. Care providers will want to be confident that all members of their care team meet statutory requirements and have completed all training to meet the minimum care standards.

That training would cover many aspects of care including safeguarding, medications administration, mental capacity, health and safety, hygiene and much more.

The good news is that training can be completed efficiently using eBox e-learning. Training modules are easy to access using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Providers can be confident that the training is rigorous and put together by care experts – as well as being highly interactive and simple to use.

What About Language?

Recruiting from abroad can mean hiring people whose first language isn’t English. This can potentially be an issue for care training where the precise meaning of words matters.

Redcrier’s eBox e-learning system includes a free translation tool that can translate the content into over 130 languages. This allows international care staff to switch to their first language to assist comprehension.

Courses needed for training to meet the minimum care standards and the Care Certificate are available as online learning. The fact that an instant translation of the course is available adds another benefit of delivering the training online. It’s also simple for managers to assign courses to individuals and track which ones have been completed.

If you plan to take advantage of international carer recruitment support, eBox offers a quick and reliable way to get new staff up to speed and compliant quickly.

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