How to Improve Wellbeing in Care Home Staff

The winter months are when mental wellbeing often takes a knock. This applies to all of us, but to care homes in particular. Here, already stretched resources are pulled even tighter by seasonal illness and staff absences.

So what can care homes do to help maintain the wellbeing of staff so they’re able to take the best possible care of residents?


The first step for care home managers is to make sure you’re taking care of your own health and wellbeing. Be aware of the signs of stress, anxiety and deteriorating mental health and try to recognise them in yourself. Maybe top up your training using eBox learning resources.

Take proper breaks whenever you can and perhaps learn some decompression techniques. You can’t look after your team if you’re not looking after yourself. Trying to carry the world on your shoulders ultimately helps no one so think about any tasks you can delegate.

Listening and Engagement

Your team will want to know that somebody is looking out for them and ready to listen if they’re struggling. Of course finding the time to do this may be difficult, but it could be one of the most important things you do.

Resident Wellbeing

Ensuring everyone is confident about how to maintain resident wellbeing will also help. Helping clients maintain independence, activity levels and engagement are essential. NICE recommends that residents should be actively involved in choosing activities that are meaningful to them. 

Respecting individuality is, as we know, also essential. Poor care providers may lapse into seeing people with dementia as their condition, a good to outstanding care provider would be looking to engage the individual, emphasizing their unique story and identity. By promoting individuality through simple actions such as; choosing their own clothes, selecting valued possessions to carry with them, where possible, select the next activity. Remembering to involve and individual in decision making at any possible point can have a huge positive impact the individual and the staff supporting them.

Improve Confidence

Safeguarding your team and clients against anxiety, depression and other effects of poor mental health calls for greater awareness from everyone.

The eBox e-learning platform has several interactive courses that your team will find helpful and easy to access. Courses include: Wellbeing, Anxiety, Depression, Dementia Awareness, Diet and Nutrition, and Mental Health First Aid.

To find out more and see eBox in action, book a demo of eBox e-learning.

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