Going Digital: Care Training is Evolving

Care providers are increasingly adopting digital tools to manage how they plan and deliver care. This is happening partly because digital tools are secure and available in any location. They also save time, money and effort. Care delivery is not just easier to run, it is more effective when digital tools are deployed. 

Shouldn’t the same argument apply to training? The way that staff develop their skills and knowledge can be made more effective as well as more efficient using digital technology. 

To add value, digital training has to be easy to access, quick, convenient and seamless. Beyond this, digital learning can also be made more interactive and engaging by including animations and virtual reality assessments. The fact that learners can progress at their own pace and recap on information based on their own needs adds a further personalised dimension to training. 

Training Management Simplified 

Administration can also be simplified. Keeping track of staff training records and certificates has never been easier. No more chasing up – it’s now as simple as logging in and checking on how your staff are progressing, or better still using push notifications to maintain and monitor progress. 

Efficiency and easy progress tracking allows managers to maintain compliance and plan ahead with ease. You get a real-time view of progress and simplified tracking which can be built around your training programme. 

Use the digital system to collate further evidence of on the job training. Reduce your carbon footprint and make your training more agile and accessible to your staff around their busy schedules. 

Redcrier is experiencing a massive uptake in interest in the eBox digital training platform. eBox is an evolution of the well-established and trusted Silver Box training system, offering quality content via the efficiency of a digital platform. As health and social care move towards digital systems and the CQC are manoeuvring to create feedback loops via digital processes, now is the time to look at reviewing your training in the same way.

Take a look at the range of essential learning available for your team via eBox online learning.

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