Free Training to Help With Current Pressures.

With 80% of care managers expected to lose at least 1 member of staff due to the mandatory double jab, staffing levels in care are at breaking point. We have heard many stories of care providers offering rich recruitment incentives that do not engage interest and unfortunately fail to increase staffing levels. These challenges, layered on top of the lack of funding and poor public perception of social care, indicate that the sector needs to be propped up.  

Redcrier has little bearing on how local authority funding is allocated, but we can offer free training to care providers during this extremely challenging time. There are many benefits of training your staff, including retention. Further to that we can give care providers the tools to use to keep current staff safe through best practice. Training can also be used as an incentive to attract potential candidates. If the training that you provide is of a higher standard than the training provided by your nearest competitor the working environment, being safer and more rewarding, will be more of an enticing prospect.  

We can offer free training via eBox (eLearning). We are happy to offer the full range of course subjects. As we are all aware the pressure is being felt in the sector now, so we have designed a package that will safeguard your business today. When it comes to recruitment, an effective, user friendly digital training system will allow you to offer something above and beyond your competitors. A digital training system will make your business more responsive, helping you to screen and induct applicants more efficiently.

The free training can be accessed by new eBox clients (based on a three year contract) and will facilitate recruitment and expansion of your staff team. We are allowing a staff increase (of up to 25%) during year 1 with no additional cost. “Any increase in ‘base’ staffing levels will be chargeable in years 2 and 3.

All you need to do is contact our sales team who will also be able to give you more details about the structure and terms & conditions of the free eBox training. Simply call 01823 332200 and select Option 1. 

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