Embrace Change and Take Control

Managing change in a care business isn’t just about keeping up with events, it should be about making things better. Change is inevitable. The choice is whether to lead or follow.

It’s easy to lose track of the positive aspects of change when there’s so much happening around you. But with the right support and approach any care business can implement positive change management. This type of change programme will make your care business more efficient, effective and profitable as well as compliant.

Take Control

Change management helps care home owners and managers feel more in control and less at the mercy of external events and issues. And when you make the change process inclusive, your team feels more engaged too.

Kaizen and Kata are two industry-standard approaches proven to help implement effective and purposeful change in any organisation. 

Kaizen is the art of making constant small improvements throughout the organisation. It’s an inclusive and reflective process where you identify an area for improvement, test a possible solution and then reflect on the results. When something is shown to work you embed it in everyday working practices.

Training Your Mind

Kata helps to change the way you think about problems to evolve more powerful critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Blending the two approaches delivers continuous improvements to processes and the work environment alongside mental training to see problems in a different way.

Kaizen and Kata Care are the names of two specialist change management consultancies focused on the care sector that work in partnership with Redcrier.

Between us, we believe we offer a unique blend of expertise that can help shape a more positive direction for your business and implement digital tools to support essential skills and organisational development. 

This makes change inclusive and sustainable. It becomes cyclical and a healthy way of working. The biggest advantage is that instead of responding to change imposed on you by events or the CQC, you’re taking the initiative and putting yourself in control.

If this is the year you’d like to make your care business more effective and efficient, get in touch and let’s start the conversation about how you can make it happen.

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