E-Learning: The Convenient AND Effective Way to Learn

When we want to find useful information in the modern age we don’t reach for the encyclopedia or head to the library. We get out our smartphone or flip open our laptop.

It makes sense that your essential care training should recognise this trend and take advantage of the opportunities technology offers.

Time Management and Retention

E-learning offers more options for how and where people learn. Most people learn effectively in shorter 20-30 minute bursts and we’ve always structured our course delivery to reflect this. With online learning people can pace their sessions to match the timeframes when they are most receptive – so they can absorb and assimilate new knowledge in a way that works for them.

By putting training online, in a format that works on any device in any place, a learner is in control. They can easily recap and refresh their knowledge when they need to without having to refer to a course book that might not be readily to hand.

Learning Into Practice

Research shows that we retain 90% of what we learn if we put it into practice immediately. Work routines don’t always allow this to happen for significant parts of any course content.

What happens when a specific piece of knowledge is needed a few months later? With Redcrier’s eBox platform you can access the relevant interactive module in moments, refresh your memory and then start putting it into practice.

This is how one care manager summed up the advantages: “The system is easy to follow and since implementing it, our training percentage has increased dramatically, and staff have expressed they feel our training has become more in depth and they feel more confident since completing it.”

Modern e-learning doesn’t just make it easy for people to assimilate knowledge and develop new skills at their own pace, it also allows them to recap and refresh the learning whenever they need to.

If you want to find out more about how eBox can help your care team learn and retain knowledge more effectively, contact ebox@redcrier.com or arrange a demo.

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