Does face to face still have a place?

First Aid face to face session

There is no avoiding it, face to face training in care can often be a challenge to organise. But is the hassle worth it in the long run? Do you really need to book face to face trainers? The physical environment, rotas and staff engagement are considerations when booking face to face courses. Is the training likely to be accurate, up to date and is the source reliable?

The inspectorate requires your staff to be capable, competent and skilled enough to cater for those in your care. So how would you go about achieving that? There are many forms of staff training available, so why should you use a trainer to deliver live interactive sessions? Would the benefit be greater from a classroom session in comparison to eLearning or other delivery styles available to you at a fraction of the financial cost?

It has long been established that face to face training has the highest level of interaction and therefore the highest knowledge retention.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin.

There are some subjects that will lend themselves to a practical session. Some staff will thrive and excel within the classroom environment. The inspectorate will expect your staff to have engaged with hands on practical training for Manual Handling training and also for First Aid training for your work place first aiders and those completing the care certificate.

A structured training environment allows your staff to practice and learn from mistakes whilst safe and under supervision. This foundation will promote a stronger performance in a pressured situation, ie; when dealing with an emergency that requires first aid. Practice makes perfect.

Placing staff together in a situation that is not their normal working environment allows them to share best practice. During this time the staff will be governed by the exacting standards of an external trainer, on hand to offer guidance, support and eradicate bad habits. When effectively trained staff return to work, the risk of harm, damage or litigation will be reduced, giving you an immediate return on the cost of the face to face session.

Through years of experience of delivering health and social care courses, regular standardisation meetings and empathy, the Trainers at Redcrier have the ability to deliver accredited interactive face to face sessions. When booking with Redcrier you will automatically be given access to software that will allow you to track all of the certificates and refresher periods that result from the face to face session. You can book several different levels of training through Redcrier, from half day courses, to 6 hour intermediate courses through to training which allows your staff to become trainers themselves.

If you have staff that would benefit from being developed to become an internal trainer, then speak to us about our Mentors and Tutors courses. When looking for Trainer the Trainer courses you can pay over a £1000 and the current market the average is £700 per person. We can offer you 6 places on our Mentors and Tutors courses for £350 per course not per person. This could be a saving of £3850 (when comparing for 6 candidates purchased at £700). You would then continue to save money by not having to rely on an external provider to book future courses and you can go on to run your internal training with more autonomy and flexibility.

“We have recently completed the Mentors and Trainers courses in First Aid and also in Moving and handling. The trainer really is fantastic, he kept us interested and kept us on our toes for the 4 days. We all felt the style of teaching was excellent as it was not just reading from a book but actually taking part and learning what to do by doing it in practice. I thoroughly recommend.” – Client feedback from a Care Manager

We understand that getting your staff into the training room can sometimes be a challenge. We work with care providers that have offered any spare seats within a training session to family members of those in their care. This has been very successful as the family member get to share on the best practise and has more respect and understanding for the staff looking after their loved one.

If we can help you with your care worker courses, then contact us today. Book before 31.01.20 and you will receive 10% discount on any of your bookings. Quote Jan10 when booking.  If any of your staff can’t make the booking at the last minute, then we can supply eLearning or distance learning to help you maintain your compliance. Speak to your team today to discuss all the ways that we can support you 01823 332200.

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