Does E-Learning Work in a People-Focused Organisation?

E-learning is efficient and convenient. These are pretty obvious benefits. But as a care manager, what you really want to know is: ‘does it work?’ And, in particular, ‘does it work in the care sector where so much relies on human interaction?’

Rather than tell you what we think, we’d like to share some feedback from care staff and managers who have experienced eBox. But before getting into that it’s worth saying a few words about the validity of the training.

The courses on eBox are carefully constructed to be engaging, challenging and valuable. The learning is accredited and aligned with CQC requirements and best practices. As well as convenience, eBox is designed to be at least as effective and valuable as traditional course delivery.

How do Users Rate eBox?

Let’s start with some statistics. The average user rating for eBox courses is 4.6 out of 5. That suggests that, on the whole, the courses do a good job of meeting user needs. Comments from participants reinforce this:

“Very useful for me being a support worker and it’s given me more confidence dealing with people with a disability”

“Enjoyable course, easy to complete as this has been my first online course”

Management and Admin Simplified

And what about the people who manage training? How do the management tools help them keep track of their training and development plans? Here’s what they told us:

“This eBox system is a lot better for us. It supplies a lot of stats and it’s a lot easier to get the info out, saves me time using the spreadsheets, so it’s going to be really good for us moving forward.”

“The eBox system itself has been a great addition for us, and has streamlined the whole training process for us, allowing office staff extra time to complete other tasks, whilst our Support Workers get stuck in to the training. The system is easy to follow and since implementing it, our training percentage has increased dramatically, and staff have expressed they feel our training has become more in depth and they feel more confident since completing it.”

So, you’ve seen what users think of eBox, why not take a look for yourself and ask for a demo.

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