Digital Tools Allow Managers More Time To Manage

Modern care providers use digital technology in many ways to improve efficiency and generally make life easier. Digital tools are used to plan and monitor care delivery, create staff rosters and make key performance data trackable from anywhere.

That ease of working is also extended to training and staff competence – both in the way that training is delivered and in how it is tracked.

Keeping training plans up-to-date in the face of constantly changing demands is a significant recurring task. Our Plan, Do, Review, Assess approach to training will align staff performance to changing care plans and the expectations of the CQC.

On top of carrying out a regular competency gap analysis, identifying training needs and arranging courses, care managers have multiple responsibilities to ensure that the service is effective, responsive, caring and well managed.

The less routine administration effort involved the better. Efficiency achieved through digital tools means more time to focus on core responsibilities and improving the quality of care.

Digital Tools and Training

Digital tools simplify the training process, from delivery through to competency assessments. Our eBox learning management system gives people the freedom to take training when it’s most convenient and least disruptive to work schedules. Training resources are easily accessible via a computer, laptop or mobile device. The logic is that if your staff can access social media on their mobile, then they can access their training too.

The courses are part of a Learning Management System (LMS) that gives you a complete insight into performance and certification, whilst mapping out required courses and allowing you to add supporting evidence. Having this data at your fingertips offers huge insight, making your business more agile. No more chasing staff for their completed courses.

As part of the suite of digital solutions, you also have the option of using the eCompetency digital assessment tool. This is an interactive, gamified hazard perception tool to make testing competency a little more fun and engaging. Competency checking is part of your mandatory training requirement. eCompetency can reduce the amount of time and resources that manual competency checks seem to consume. The eCompetency testing tool will either offer reassurance into the candidate’s abilities or highlight training gaps.

Redcrier’s digital training solutions help improve staff performance and compliance, whilst saving you time and money. To find out more, contact us today on 01823 33 22 00 or email info@redcrier.com.

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