Covid, Care Professionals, and the Tricky Balance Between Physical and Mental Health

When the first wave of Covid hit it was so large, fast and unexpected that it was a case of ‘getting through it as well as possible’.

Urgent steps were taken out of necessity to protect the health of care home residents and staff. These would later have implications for the mental health and wellbeing of many residents, particularly the most vulnerable.

An article on the The National Institute for Health and Care Research blog outlines some of the difficult choices that had to be made and describes the mental health and wellbeing legacy of the pandemic.

Good Mental Health = Good Physical Health

It discusses how protecting care homes also led to increased social isolation that caused issues with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. There’s also evidence that social isolation and depression make people more susceptible to physical as well as mental illness.

Rather than looking back at what could have been done differently, we need to look ahead. Whether it’s another wave of Covid or a different major infection, what can care homes do to be as prepared as possible to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of residents?

Training and awareness are critical when difficult judgements have to be made. Understanding more about the causes and symptoms of poor mental health can only help. Knowing what to avoid and the measures that will make a positive difference should help care homes maintain residents’ mental health at all times.

Fast Track Your Training

You might be thinking that it’s too late to arrange mental health and wellbeing training for your team ready for the winter peak infection period. E-learning allows you to schedule this essential training around your work routines more easily, without having to release key staff for large blocks of time.

Redcrier’s eBox platform has modules covering Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Matters and Wellbeing. We also provide Infection Control training, so that you are prepared to prevent the spread of infection during the peak winter period. The admin tools also allow managers to easily track who’s taken the training successfully and whose knowledge still needs to be updated.

To find out more about using eBox to upskill your team on critical mental health and wellbeing issues, book your online demo.

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