Working With Visual Display Screen Equipment

Working With Visual Display Screen Equipment (VDE)

Course Aim

Care professionals are making more use of technology to help them provide, record and report on the care of their clients as well as accessing workplace training. This course on using visual display screen equipment is a legal requirement for anyone who regularly uses it.

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Course content

What Is Visual Display Screen Equipment?
Why Is Training Needed?
The Workstation Assessment.
Setting Up A Workstation.
Preventing Possible Problems.
Homeworking & Other Considerations.

learning outcomes

Understand what is meant by Visual Display Screen Equipment and a VDE user.
Understand the legislation governing VDE use within the workplace.
Have knowledge of how to arrange the working environment, workstation, and equipment.
Know how to maintain good posture while working with VDE, the importance of adjusting furniture and when to take breaks.
Understand the risks associated with frequent VDE use and what is required within a VDE risk assessment.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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