Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health

Course Aim

Mental health, just like physical health is important and
needs to be taken care of.
This course aims to give you an insight into some of the mental health disorders we may come across in our work with others. We have included units on Anxiety, Depression, Eating disorders, Bipolar and Schizophrenia. As you will see as you work through the course, changes to our mental health are not always that clear cut. An individual may present with more than one disorder at the same time, so it is important to adopt a person centred approach as each individuals experience will be different.
Understanding Mental Health

Course content

Recognise and support an individual with a Mental Health Disorder.
Understand, recognise and support an individual with the following:

Eating Disorder.

learning outcomes

The course is made up of 6 units, each unit
focusing on one area as follows:
Understanding Mental Ill Health
Eating Disorders

delivery styles

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