Course Aim

Self-harm is a sign that someone is in severe emotional distress and requires timely and effective support. This course will help you to understand what self-harm is and why it may occur and how to provide support or know how to access support when you have a concern about an individual.

Person with a bandaged wrist and picking at their finger nails to represent self-harm.

Course content

What is self-harm.
Types of self-harm.
Warning signs.
Medical interventions and support.
Risk management care and safety plans.
Caring for someone who self-harms.
Supervision and support for staff.
First aid for self-harm.

learning outcomes

Understand what self-harm is and how someone may self-harm.
Identify the support available for people who self-harm.
Know how to offer support for someone who self-harms.
Understand the stigma around self-harm.
Identify the warning signs.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...


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