Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders

Course Aim

This course is part of a suite of courses looking at mental health issues. It will help you to recognise and understand Personality disorders and ways of supporting those who present with it. An individual may present with more than one mental health issue at the same time, so it is important to adopt a person-centred approach as each individuals experience will be different.

Close-up of a blurred face of a young girl with split personality disorder against black background

Course content

Understand what suicide prevention is.
Understand why someone may feel suicidal.
Identify how communication can play a positive role.
Identify the possible warning signs that someone is feeling suicidal.
Understand the support available.

learning outcomes

What is suicide prevention
Why might someone feel suicidal
Risk Management
Signs an individual may be feeling suicidal
Providing support
Supporting yourself

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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