Mental Health First Aid Awareness

Mental Health First Aid Awareness

Course Aim

This course is designed to help you be aware of those around you and to help you to recognise when they may need a little more understanding or need signposting to areas of support. Mental health first aid is important, not just to support those who are in crisis, but also those who are showing signs of heading that way. Having people around us who can spot these changes can make all the difference to our mental wellbeing.

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Course content

Issues that impact on mental health.
Signs and symptoms of poor mental health.
Reducing stigma and discrimination.
The five step action plan.
Early intervention strategies.

learning outcomes

Understand the issues that impact on Mental health.
Recognise signs of mental health issues and stress.
Identify ways to reduce stigma and discrimination.
Understand the 5 step action plan.
Identify early intervention strategies.

delivery styles

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