Course aim

To promote the awareness of this common problem encountered when caring for people who have had strokes or have dementia and to support staff to understand their role in caring for people who develop this condition. This course covers what Dysphagia is, signs and symptoms, the action of swallowing, successful feeding and mouth care and the importance of food types.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise what is Dysphagia is and how it occurs
  • Identify who is at risk
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • Understand the action of swallowing
  • Promote safer eating and drinking for people with Dysphagia
  • Know where to access information and advice and support relating to the topic
  • Recognise the need to modify diet

Course Content

  • What is Dysphagia
  • Signs and symptoms of Dysphagia
  • The action of swallowing
  • Common Causes
  • Supporting eating
  • Importance of mouth care

Delivery Styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face


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