Death, Dying and Bereavement

Course aim

Our Death, Dying & Bereavement (Palliative Care) training is intended to help staff explore their own experiences and/or concerns within a supportive palliative care framework which outlines the basic principles for delivering palliative care and for coping in the period immediately following bereavement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the requirements to protect the rights of individuals at the end of life.
  • Understand factors affecting end of life care.
  • Know how to provide support to individuals and key people during end of life care.
  • Understand how to access support for the individual or key people.
  • Know the action to take following the death of an individual.

Course Content

  • Communication skills.
  • Assessing needs & preferences.
  • Advanced care planning.
  • Symptom control.
  • Record keeping.


Course time: 3 hours, face-to-face

Delivery Styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face


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