Care Planning

Care Planning

Course Aim

Care planning training enables you and your staff to offer a co-ordinated approach to the clients care, it promotes independence, empowers individuals and helps clients to be more involved in decisions about their care.

Elderly care concept, Senior people holding red heart to help and support, Family take care and nursing old people health, Healthcare insurance.

Course content

Person centred approach.
Understanding the legislation which informs the care planning process.
What is a care plan and what might it include.
Gathering information through observation.
Implementing the care plan.
Monitoring and reviewing.

learning outcomes

Understand the importance of care planning.
Identify the reasons for person centred care planning.
Identify how to gather and record information.
Recognise the importance of observation.
Understand how care planning works.
Recognise the need to monitor and review care plans regularly.

delivery styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face
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