Basic Emergency Aid

Basic Emergency Aid

Course Aim

First aid training designed to give all staff the basic knowledge, skills and confidence to deal promptly and appropriately with emergencies until further aid arrives, the training satisfies all current requirements for basic emergency first aid training.

First Aid Training - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. First aid course.

Course content

Basic safety precautions.
Complying with legislation.
Coping with unconscious casualties.
Dealing with wounds and burns.
Causes and treatment of shock.

learning outcomes

Understand first aid legislation.
Carry out an initial assessment of a casualty.
Carry out CPR and Rescue breaths.
Recognise and deal with a choking casualty.
Recognise and deal with a person in shock.
Manage bleeding, burns and scalds.
Recognise the need to keep themselves safe.

delivery styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face
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