How valuable is competency

within care staff?

As the mandatory training framework from Skills for Care is adopted across the health and social care sector, competency within care staff will become more and more prominent. As a care provider you are required to assess your staff’s competency on a regular basis. You need to find time and cost efficient ways of assessing competency without having to complete practical assessments for all of your staff.

Redcrier are proud to launch eCompetency; an innovative software solution that allows care staff to test their competency. Designed by social care experts the platform combines interactive technology with care specific assessments.  eCompetency will give you an effective tool to aid your efforts in testing the competency of your staff. The software will close the feedback loop for you, giving insight into areas of strength and weakness within a learners competence and therefore form the foundation of ongoing training, simultaneously giving focus to supervisions.

The assessment modules offered through eCompetency are aligned with and meet the criteria for the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) which is stated on all pass certificates. The statutory / mandatory CSTF allows employers to identify and recognise any previous training and related competencies to a standard, trust that information and reduce the duplication of training.

There are 2 care specific environments available and you have the ability to select either a care home environment or a home care setting to make the competency testing more realistic to your staff.

Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards 2020
The eCompetency software has won 2 awards for its innovative and market leading delivery. The software has been awarded the Gold LearnX Live Award 2020 and also the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2020.
LearnX Live Awards Gold Medal winner 2020

By placing your staff through the eCompetency you will either find areas in which they need support and guidance, or you will evidence learning that has already taken place and give the training you have supplied to the member of staff validity. All of this will help to improve standards of care and strengthen your business.

Courses currently available as eCompetency modules:

The 6 models below can be accessed via a care home environment or a home care setting.

Dignity in Care

Infection Control

Moving & Handling

Fire Safety


Safeguarding Adults

Our clients have already asked us lots of questions regarding this new innovative software, so we have listed the

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