Care Training Management and the Art of Plate Spinning

We could have written an article about how important it is to arrange regular training for your care team. But as a professional care manger you already know why it’s so vital – the issue is often finding the time.

Staff training is just one of many plates that you have to keep spinning so that your organisation runs safely and smoothly. It’s not easy to keep up with changing regulations or to continuously plug skills and compliance gaps, or to ensure that clients consistently get the care they need. 

What you need is a better way to keep the staff training plate spinning so that it needs less of your time and attention.

Is ‘Digital’ the Answer?

Like many things in modern business, part of the answer lies in using better technology. Digital tools are all about automating processes, making life simpler and improving access to information. Care training management is no different.

eBox online learning provides quick and easy access to training records and compliance reporting.  Essential training is easy to arrange, easy for staff to take, and easy to track. The eBox app makes staff training even more convenient and allows you to organise all of your training in one place.

Rationalising Training Suppliers

When you’re trying to stay on top of care, training management probably the last thing you need is a long list of training providers to work with. Redcrier can help here too. We work in partnership with Fulcrum Management Support for Care Homes and Care Business Associate Training so that the widest possible range of courses and expertise is just a phone call away.

The mix of digital training management tools and a strategic alliance of experienced training providers makes it much easier to keep on top of essential training and development. It doesn’t make care training any less vital, it just means that it’ll take up less of your time.

If you’d like advice on how to apply digital technology to staff learning and development call us on 01823 332200. You can also find helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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