Care Training – Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To

Most people choose careers in care because they want to make a difference to people’s lives and to their community. This is something they are proud of. To make as much difference as possible and progress in their careers, they know that they need training. 

Yet in some respects, there’s a lingering culture of obligation around staff development in the care sector. Training has to be provided because the CQC expects it. Staff have to go on courses because regulations change and we need to stay compliant. But is that how care staff see it? 

Working in care is demanding. It’s easy for managers to slip into a mindset of thinking that sending somebody on a training course is an additional burden. And if the perception of training is that it’s a monotonous experience of going over and over things you already knew ‘just to be sure’, you can see why managers would be reluctant. 


That isn’t how training needs to be. It can be fun, engaging and interactive. It should be highly personalised, so that it builds on what you know rather than reiterating it. Training can, and should, expand knowledge, develop new skills and help people become well-rounded care professionals. That’s the type of training that care staff value and welcome. It’s about as far from the culture of obligation as you can get. 

Personal Development 

Training is essential. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a box-ticking exercise. The secret is in designing personal development that each member of staff can see is valuable and which helps them develop in their role. 

Effective training is about positive interactive experiences. This applies whether the training is delivered face-to-face, by distance learning or through an e-learning module.  

Whichever Redcrier training format you choose you can tailor training plans to the needs of each staff member as their career progresses. You can download our free training plan template by clicking the button below.


If you want any advice about how to accurately assess your training needs, identify mandatory training and plan cost-effective staff development programmes, Redcrier will be happy to help. Contact us on 01823 33 22 00 or email info@redcrier.com for more information.  

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