Care Staff Training – More Important Than Ever, and Much More Accessible

It’s very rare to meet a care manager who doesn’t understand that regular care staff training is essential. In the current climate, it’s also rare to find one that isn’t finding it a struggle to fit in the training they know their team needs.

So maybe it’s worth reiterating why care staff training is vital and valuable – and why it becomes even more so when services are under pressure and there’s so much going on. We’ll then look at options for making essential training more flexible and accessible.

Even before Covid and Brexit care staff were in short supply. The employment gap has widened and care providers must also contend with staff having to isolate when they get pinged by the app.

The bottom line is that helping your team to become more multi-skilled and multi-qualified adds up to greater flexibility and resilience. It gives you more options for meeting your clients’ needs and helps make your team more productive.


Quality of Care

Training links directly to delivering better quality care. Whether it’s manual handling, safe administration of medication or fundamental issues such as nutrition and wellbeing – training ensures that team members know the latest standards and understand what they should be doing. They also have more confidence in their abilities.

This isn’t just about compliance with ever-changing standards (as important as that is), it’s also about your reputation and the sustainability of your business. Proper training helps avoid any accidents or incidents that could generate negative headlines.

Keeping Your Best People

Good care staff always want to get better. It’s important to them as individuals to feel that they are gaining expertise and becoming more capable. They are more likely to stay in an organisation that is helping them to develop their skills and achieve their career goals.

But, of course, you know all of this. Your biggest question is probably ‘how?’ rather than ‘why?

Redcrier believes that the answer is to offer greater flexibility but without compromising on the integrity or the value of the training. We offer training in three formats. You can mix and match these to find the optimum blend that delivers essential learning while reflecting people’s preferred learning style and the operational realities of your business.

To help you find the most effective and efficient way forward, book a free consultation or contact 01823 33 22 00. We’d be happy to help you clarify your priorities and draw up a robust training plan. 


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