Care Managers – Are You Included In Your Training Plan?

We were working with a registered manager recently reviewing the training plan for their team. The plan was a good one. It did a pretty thorough job of updating mandatory learning blended with improving skills for career development. But there was one important bit missing.

“What about your training?” we asked. In fact, it’s a question we often ask.

Care Managers tend to neglect their own training when they come to draw up their staff development plan. In our experience, this isn’t because they believe they are so good at the job they don’t need training. It’s more likely that they want to save the budget for frontline staff and make the needs of their team the priority.

Time is also a factor. The role of Registered Manager has always been full-on. The last year and a half has brought added pressures that don’t look like going away any time soon.

As is so often the case, the added pressure makes updating your skills and knowledge more important, not less. The most obvious current example of this is infection prevention and control. There are other important aspects such as safeguarding adults. How confident are you about the correct procedures for isolation of care home residents in line with deprivation of liberty requirements?

Standards Change

One of the main arguments in favour of regular staff training is that best practice and standards expected by the CQC evolve. Over time, people also forget what they learned and fall into habits that don’t match best practice. An important part of your role is enforcing standards and updating procedures. If your knowledge isn’t up-to-date this creates a risk.

Medication management, fire safety, and health and safety are other aspects of care management that help limit significant risks to your business. It’s important that your own understanding in these areas is current.

This is obviously a very difficult time to be managing a team of carers – not knowing who is going to get pinged and told to isolate next. And there are further management challenges to come with, for example ‘no jab, no job.’ It’s helpful to be confident that your management and supervisory skills are as sharp as they can be.

Although it’s tempting to spend all of your training budget on your team – particularly when time is so stretched – remember to think of yourself.

Our courses are available in multiple formats including eBox online training and Silver Box distance learning, which will help you update your skills and knowledge in a time-efficient way. for more information visit https://www.redcrier.com or call 01823 332200 for an initial conversation about what support you might be looking for.

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