Why Redcrier?

Reduce Administration

Time management is critical. One of the biggest drains on time and resources is administration. If not managed correctly, it could have a negative impact on the provision of care. As a care manger you have to walk a razor edge between “paperwork” and delivering high standards of care.

Training can be an area of additional administration, so it can be very beneficial to have an effective staff training solution that reduces the burden of managing delivery and recording outcomes. Training should be of a quality to adapt and develop the right knowledge and behaviours, to reduce the likelihood of litigation and accidents, as your staff will be well equipped to deal with various situations and challenges appropriately.

According to Ultra Risk Advisors the 5 common allegations used in Home Health Care lawsuits are:
1. Medication and dosage errors
2. Failure to report abuse, falls or illness of service users.
3. Insufficient licensing and training of staff.
4. Failure to follow orders or treatments from primary medical staff.
5. Insufficient background checks.

If any of the above occur, then the administration naturally increases rather than decreases and resources are focused on the immediate issue when they could and should be centred around the service user and the care provision.

All of our different training methods and subjects now come with digital solutions such as immediate reporting and scheduling tools as standard, alleviating the burden of training your staff to a high standard.

Reduce Costs

Staff training can have a very positive impact on your care organisation. By selecting the correct staff training you can improve the performance of your organisation. Effective staff training will improve your staff turnover, improve staff performance and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Redcrier Training Solutions will give your staff a greater understanding of how to work efficiently and offer a higher level of care to your customers.

Individuals within your staff team will have preferred learning styles. By utilising a mixed approach from Redcrier Training Solutions, you can have the tools to cater for different learning styles and maximise your return on investment. By working with you and finding out about your organisation we can cater for your needs and make the staff training more cost effective. We realise that one type of training does not ‘fit all’. Our pricing structures will allow you cost assurance and cost reduction. You can select training that will not only support your staff and allow them to support your clients with a great level of care, but the bespoke training will also fit in around your budget.


Excellent Customer Support

“Effective: your care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, helps you to maintain quality of life and is based on the best available evidence.” Extract from Care Quality Commission; Key Lines of Enquiries.Redcrier will offer you care, customer service and support with your staff training, whilst allowing you to build the best available evidence. We will work alongside your organisation, supporting you to make the management and delivery of the staff training easy and painless.

By supporting your staff with quality training, you will empower them to problem solve, decrease risk and work effectively with reduced need for supervision. Your staff, at this point, are more likely to support your shared vision for improving care standards and grant you more time to implement processes that support your service users.

Redcrier will offer you ‘effective’ systems and support so that you can minimise the administration and maximise the return from training your staff.

Improve Staff Development

If your staff are not competent to make a safe, effective, well led, responsive and caring environment for those in your care then your business will suffer. Care Managers are expected to maximise the abilities of their staff team. The inspectorate will require your staff to be competent and capable to safeguard the wellbeing of the people in your care. The only way either of these expectations can be delivered is by selecting staff training that will facilitate the transformation of knowledge into behaviours.

By selecting the right training to help your staff develop, you will create a culture of diligence and dedication towards better standards of living for those in your care. From this culture, you as a care manager, will be able to identify champions with specialist skills and interests, prime for further development.

Current research carried out by Skills for Care Workforce Intelligence indicates that staff turnover within the Health and Social Care is a stifling (31%), double that of the national average across all sectors (15%).

As your staff develop and receive the new skills they will increase their sense of value and contribution towards the business. The increased contribution will reduce the amount of supervision time required and give your staff greater job satisfaction. This will, in turn, help reduce staff turnover, which will benefit the available resources and allow you to improve and develop other areas of the business. The development of your staff will lead to a greater profit margin.

If you would like to discuss how you can develop your staff and in turn develop your business, contact us today.


Improve Compliance

When you’re looking to keep your care staff training matrix up to date and keep your care staff compliant you need to know that the training your staff are completing is effective. There is little point in putting your staff through training that does not reflect current best practice or help your staff to deliver on the Key Lines of Enquiries.

Your staff need regular competency checks and updates, so does the content hat they are consuming and ideally the content should also be accredited in such a way that it helps your staff to progress a career in care.

Redcrier clients benefit from having the training material regularly updated as part of the service. The content will act as evidence to higher qualifications. All of the material is geared to help your staff deliver on the KLOE’s. Regular training and competency checks will allow you staff to become more confident within the given subjects and therefore deliver higher standards of care.

Constant interaction with our clients and regular standardisation meetings result in relevant up to date training material that is required to build towards compliance within care. Further to this our friendly team are on hand to help you with any questions you may have around staff training and working towards compliance.

If you have any questions regarding your training, from the Care Certificate through to training your staff to become trainers, then please contact us today.

Flexible Training

We offer 4 different course delivery styles to best suit your organisation, your requirements, and how your staff prefer to learn. No training package is the same, whereby you can tailor your package with a mixture of a delivery styles for different learners.

Find out more here on how to pick the course format that is right for you and your care team.