Reduce Admin

Reduce Admininstration

Time management is critical. One of the biggest drains on time and resources is administration. If not managed correctly, it could have a negative impact on the provision of care. As a care manger you have to walk a razor edge between “paperwork” and delivering high standards of care.

Training can be an area of additional administration, so it can be very beneficial to have an effective staff training solution that reduces the burden of managing delivery and recording outcomes. Training should be of a quality to adapt and develop the right knowledge and behaviours, to reduce the likelihood of litigation and accidents, as your staff will be well equipped to deal with various situations and challenges appropriately.

According to Ultra Risk Advisors the 5 common allegations used in Home Health Care lawsuits are:

  1. Medication and dosage errors
  2. Failure to report abuse, falls or illness of service users.
  3. Insufficient licensing and training of staff.
  4. Failure to follow orders or treatments from primary medical staff.
  5. Insufficient background checks.

If any of the above occur, then the administration naturally increases rather than decreases and resources are focused on the immediate issue when they could and should be centred around the service user and the care provision.

All of our different training methods and subjects now come with digital solutions such as immediate reporting and scheduling tools as standard, alleviating the burden of training your staff to a high standard.