If your staff are not competent to make a safe, effective, well led, responsive and caring environment for those in your care then your business will suffer. Care Managers are expected to maximise the abilities of their staff team. The inspectorate will require your staff to be competent and capable to safeguard the wellbeing of the people in your care. The only way either of these expectations can be delivered is by selecting staff training that will facilitate the transformation of knowledge into behaviours.

By selecting the right training to help your staff develop, you will create a culture of diligence and dedication towards better standards of living for those in your care. From this culture, you as a care manager, will be able to identify champions with specialist skills and interests, prime for further development.

Current research carried out by Skills for Care Workforce Intelligence indicates that staff turnover within the Health and Social Care is a stifling (31%), double that of the national average across all sectors (15%).

As your staff develop and receive the new skills they will increase their sense of value and contribution towards the business. The increased contribution will reduce the amount of supervision time required and give your staff greater job satisfaction. This will, in turn, help reduce staff turnover, which will benefit the available resources and allow you to improve and develop other areas of the business. The development of your staff will lead to a greater profit margin.

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