Which Course Style Is Right For You?

Which course delivery style is most beneficial for your care organisation?

When planning the staff training that is appropriate for your organisation, one of the first considerations should be the style used to deliver the course content. Which learning environment will mean that your staff have the best chance to retain knowledge and make the training effective? There are lots of options that should be considered

Below is a review of 3 delivery styles so that you can find greater efficiencies. The 3 delivery styles analysed are; Remote Face to Face, eBox eLearning and Silver Box Distance Learning.

Advantages of Remote Face to Face courses:

Sharing Best Practise – These Face to Face sessions allow not only our trainer to share their knowledge on a subject, but they facilitate an environment whereby your staff can share ideas and knowledge, relating to your service users and care environment.


Practical Content – Our trainers lead your staff through the practical content currently required for topics such as First Aid and Moving & Handling. The practical element can be delivered remotely allowing you to maintain social distancing and safeguard your staff.


Knowledge Retention – Recognised for having a distinct impact on the knowledge retention, Face to Face Courses utilise lots of different learning styles (visual, auditory & kinesthetic) within the same session to allow your staff to engage and retain in the subject matter.


Advantages of eBox eLearning:

Programmes of Learning – eBox helps you to map out your required training. The software will remember which members of your staff require which course at the relevant intervals. Your staff are presented with the courses that need completing based on your specifications and their prior achievements.


Accessibility – The eLearning has been developed so that it can be reached via most web browsers and most handheld devices, making it very easy for your staff to access and complete course content.


Reporting – eBox offers a complete audit trail to help you stay on top of your compliance. The reports give you granular insight to staff progression offering feedback that can become a basis for future planning.

Advantages of Silver Box Learning:

Constant Access – The Silver Box has been designed so that once you have a license to use the system, then you will actually hold all of the training material on site. This means that you can deliver the staff training as and when you see fit and will easily allow you to maintain consistently high levels of care.

Flexibility – The courses can be completed by an individual, as easily as it can be delivered to a small discussion group. This allows you to gear your training up to suit your staffs learning styles without having extra hassle or expense.

Quality – The Silver Box structure requires that learners complete qualitative answers that will not only act as a learning resource for the individual, but will also act as a audit trail for the organisation. The courses are marked by a team of specialist markers that have exacting standards and will offer you a safeguard against low levels of learner engagement.


In most cases our clients build a blended package of training resources to help them become more flexible in their approach to training. Speak to us today so that we can help to analyse your requirements and build you a bespoke package to meet your organisations needs.