An Easier Way to Assess and Update Competence and Compliance

The new year brings new opportunities. As we step into the new calendar year, you have the opportunity to implement new efficiencies improve your standards of care and increase returns for your business. We are on hand to help you explore where you can find efficiencies within your staff training.

There is no denying that Covid-19 has increased the pressure on care providers and their staff. Physical, mental and financial burdens have all increased in recent times. Attempting to keep up to date with the ever-changing government guidelines. Responsibility for relaying those instructions and guidance to both those in your care and their families, potentially compounded by mental capacity, is a full-time job in itself. Having to find funds for unparalleled volumes of PPE and setting up safe visiting spaces for family would have had a huge impact on resources. 

With all that’s happened in 2020 the New Year could be a good opportunity to take stock. Whether you’re in the midst of recovery planning or forecasting the budgets for next year, now is the time to find efficiencies.

Training needs are certain to come into the equation. Updating competency and maintaining compliance are recurring requirements because life never stands still in the world of social care. Either regulations and standards change, or staff change or, most likely, both.

As we are all facing so many challenges, training needs to go beyond the minimum requirements set out within the mandatory training framework, instead use the framework as a foundation to build staff experience and competence.

To make life easier we’ve mapped different training courses to the mandatory framework. This should save you significant time when deciding which specific areas of development and competency need updating. Redcrier has also developed an eCompetency tool. You can use this with your team to assess current competency levels in the following areas:

  • Dignity in Care
  • Infection Control
  • Moving & Handling
  • Fire Safety
  • Medication
  • Safeguarding Adults

Designed by social care experts, the platform combines interactive technology with care specific assessments. You can also select between a care home or home care setting to make the assessments realistic and relevant to the learner. This software allows you to have greater insight and focus on the areas of strength and weakness, so that you can be more specific with your budgets and resources offering you improved outcomes.

The eCompetency software has won two awards for its innovative and market leading delivery. The software has been awarded the Gold LearnX Live Award 2020 and also the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2020.

The software will give you valuable and objective insights into learners’ competence levels as they progress. You can make more informed and cost-effective decisions about future training needs and supervision.

With ongoing Covid restrictions and staff shortages, finding the time for staff to update their skills might still be difficult. To help, Redcrier offers e-learning training through the eBox platform as well as safe and interactive face-to-face learning via video conferencing.

Should any of your staff need support throughout the pandemic we also offer courses on Mental Health First Aid Awareness and Wellbeing. To find out more about our digital training solutions, contact us today on 01823 33 22 00 or email info@redcrier.com

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