A Simpler Way to Demonstrate Competence

Competence within a care business is often framed in terms of compliance and keeping the CQC happy.

Perhaps there’s a more positive way to look at it. 

When you can demonstrate competence it means you’re entirely confident that the skills and qualifications of your care team are matched to your clients’ needs. You know how to help each individual identify the care they need and you’re confident that you can deliver safe and appropriate care in all circumstances.

Your risks related to care delivery are as low as you can make them. Whatever CQC ratings might say, this is surely the benchmark for a well-run care business. So how do you get to that state?

We don’t need to tell you that it isn’t easy. Change is constant: new clients, evolving needs of existing clients, staff turnover and new regulations and guidance all add to the complexity. Skills easily become out of date before you even think about lapsed certification.

Tools Designed to Manage Complexity

Digital training management and delivery may not eliminate the complexity, but they certainly make it easier to manage.

In a digital environment there’s no need to go hunting for historical training records, compliance reporting or certificates. Everything you need is instantly available and any gaps are easy to spot.

An online training management system and delivery platform like eBox makes it easy to arrange and track essential training within a highly streamlined process. Using the eBox app, your team can update their skills and validate their knowledge when and where they find it most convenient.

There are easy-to-access courses covering core competencies including medication management, safeguarding, dignity and respect, moving and handling theory, safe use of bed rails, mental health first aid and much more.

And because training is easy to arrange and track, demonstrating competence to the CQC, internal auditors or anyone else is much simpler.

To find out more and see eBox for yourself, request a demo.

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