3 is the Magic Number

How many suppliers does a care manager have to coordinate simply to run their care business? That question could be an opening for a gag, but the answer is no joke. A care manager must coordinate 100’s of suppliers. I for one can’t think of another role that would have to coordinate and buy so many assorted products and services from so many different suppliers. If you think of a hotel manager as an example, they are likely to have a head chef coordinating the food, a head of housekeeping managing the chemical supplies and waste management. A manager of a large department store is likely to have a manager in charge of electricals, a manager for clothes and all the other departments managed separately, the list goes on…. However, a care manager is often expected to wear all those hats and deal with all those transactions. The more links in a chain of communication the more likely it is to go wrong and errors to creep in. Think of a game of Chinese whispers; starts with “Mary had a little lamb” and ends with two incorrect invoices and a non-delivery of products.

Working in Harmony

At Redcrier we work hard to make things simple and easy for the care managers that we support. We are really pleased to announce that we have teamed up with two other organisations that share our passion for customer service and delivering high value to clients. We now work with Fulcrum Management Support For Care Homes and with Care Business Associate Training (CBAT). This recent collaboration will offer our clients the opportunity to access a much broader range of products and services as if they were working with a much larger supplier, but with the benefit of the high levels of customer service and support you can only get by working with independent suppliers. 

The strategic alignment of the three suppliers will allow clients, striving for outstanding CQC ratings, to have a powerful combination of online training content backed by an easy-to-use LMS (Redcrier), high value practical face to face training over a vast array of courses (CBAT), all supported and validated by mock inspections and regulatory compliance consultancy (Fulcrum). 

For any care providers looking to utilise all three suppliers simultaneously, we would be happy to talk to you about how the partnership works and how we can make it work for you. Call Redcrier today and ask for more details 01823 32200. 

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