Your Health and Social Care Business is Unique, and so Are Your Training Needs

We understand that all health and social care providers face unique circumstances: different teams, different service user needs and different development needs. In a sector that is all about meeting individual needs of clients, it would hardly make sense to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to staff development.

Staff development and training are essential to maintain compliance, meet ever more complex care needs and to keep pace with the latest best practice. Offering high quality training also sends a powerful message to your team that you are committed to their personal development, which makes a significant difference when it comes to keeping your best people.

Essential Flexibility

Yet, time and money are always precious, and never more so than with a modern care business. Added to which we all have preferred ways to learn. What health and social care providers need most of all is flexibility. They can then tailor their training and development plans to suit their budget and operational needs.

This understanding has always driven the way that we’ve developed our training offer. It’s reflected in the breadth of courses and by the different training formats: face to face, distance learning and e-learning, sometimes blending more than one approach.

Individual Needs

While some subjects naturally lend themselves to a particular style of training, it often comes down to what is most suitable for an individual at a particular time.

If face to face training is needed we will also travel to a location that is convenient for you and your team, helping to minimise the time and expense involved. We offer face to face courses that allow your staff to train others, increasing our flexibility even further. With both Silver Box distance learning and e-learning, staff members can take the training in stages when it suits them best, to minimise the disruption to their working day.

In all cases the content and the quality of the courses reflects our experience and deep understanding of the health and care sector. Courses are practically focused and highly relevant to changing requirements across the sector.

Find out more about our flexible health and social care training options or call us today on 01823 332200.