Who’s Responsible for your Customer Experience?

If anyone ever doubted the link between the way you treat your staff, your reputation and your business performance they need only look at recent events at RyanAir.

Of course, training and motivating your staff is a cost. As a business you always have the option of ‘working down’ to a minimum cost. In the short term this could help you compete on price and be more profitable. But what about the long term?

If your people don’t feel valued they are unlikely to be motivated. They are likely to leave. This interrupts the continuity of care and costs you more money in recruitment, induction, training and care certification. It will have an impact on your residents and the care they receive.

In the case of an airline, people may continue to tolerate a couple of hours of poor service to get rock bottom prices. But what about somewhere that people might spend the rest of their lives? The importance of the customer experience is magnified many times.

If the customer experience is poor you could lose residents and have unfilled beds. Worse still, your reputation will take a knock, making it even harder to attract new residents and achieve a profitable level of occupancy.

And then there’s the issue of your next CQC inspection. The outcome of this will be affected by your reputation and staff. An engaged and motivated workforce and an excellent customer experience could be your best insurance policy when it comes to compliance and becoming outstanding.

The alternative to managing down to a minimum cost is to manage up to an expected standard. This means investing in your team to ensure they have up-to-date skills and feel engaged and motivated.

We appreciate that the cost of doing this has to be considered but the costs of not doing it can be even higher and more far reaching. The right training partner will work with you to identify flexible and cost effective ways to meet your training needs. These will involve the right mix of training methods and settings.

A well trained, well motivated team that delivers an outstanding customer experience is an attainable goal. Talk to the Redcrier team and we’ll help you plan and implement a pathway to higher standards and a sustainable future. Get in contact today on 01823 332200.