Time to Give Your Care Home Business a Spring Clean

planningThe start of a new financial year is a great opportunity to give your care home business a spring clean – to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change. As care homes continue to face tightening financial pressures there’s no room for inefficient practices or continuing activities that add little value. And there are new challenges to be faced and planned for.

With tighter budgets, careful planning becomes more important. Waiting and reacting to events is rarely efficient or cost effective. Planning ahead, on the other hand, allows the space to consider real needs and identify the best and most cost effective ways to meet those needs.

And there’s plenty to consider: a volatile trading environment, commissioning, regulation, specific business objectives and the need to deliver more with less.

Planned Training Means Better Value

Training is one area where planning 12 months ahead can save cost and ensure that the budget is matched as closely as possible to what your business needs. The impact of releasing staff for training can also be minimised through better planning and selecting the most appropriate training methods.

Having some impartial help to identify gaps in skills and qualifications and to understand emerging requirements is helpful. It’s even better when you can get that expertise free of charge.

Redcrier offers a free consultation to help you plan your training requirements. We help identify the best and most cost effective methods for meeting those needs, whether that’s face to face, distance learning or e-learning.

With a wide range of training courses available and delivery methods to suit your business needs, we help you get your training costs firmly under control. Once the training is planned you have more time to focus on the other elements of running your care home.

To book your free training consultation contact us today on 01823 332200 or visit our website for more information.