The ‘Secret’ Every Successful Care Business Knows

Every care business is different. Each serves different communities with different needs. And each organisation faces unique challenges. Yet, in care and in other sectors, there is one simple fact that every high performing business understands: organisational performance depends on individual performance.

This holds true in the care sector possibly more than in many others. The most important things care providers do cannot be automated. They rely on individuals knowing what to do and doing it properly.

It is what individuals do, day-in, day-out, that determines how smoothly everything runs and whether clients experience caring and competent care. Better personal performance results in lower costs improved care and happier clients.

Do People Get Things Wrong on Purpose?

At the other end of the scale, noncompliance, poor decisions, waste and duplicated effort are also the result of how individuals perform. These performance issues are rarely the result of people deliberately doing the wrong thing or just not caring. It is more likely that they hadn’t been taught the right way to do something or haven’t been given the opportunity to develop the skills they need.

In any high performing business, staff development isn’t seen as a cost of maintaining compliance. It’s seen as an investment in high performance. These businesses understand the true cost of correcting avoidable mistakes and of dealing with the consequences of poor performance. They also appreciate how, when everything runs as it should, there is more time to concentrate on improving the standard of care for clients.

Training Breeds Trust

Well trained employees need less close supervision. They can be trusted to do the right thing and deal with any problems in an appropriate and professional way. They are also happier because they are being helped to do a good job, which is what people really want to do.

Staff who feel supported are more likely to stay with the same employer. Through well-planned staff development, you can cut your recruitment costs and minimise the non-productive time that comes with all new employees.

The final ‘magic’ ingredient for top performance is to ensure that training is closely matched to needs. Redcrier has helped many care providers through the process of identifying development needs and then matching those to flexible and cost-effective training. Talk to the team at Redcrier today on 01823 332200 and start your journey to outstanding performance.