The importance of training

Care certificate The care industry is currently under tight scrutiny, with the increase in the living wage and care homes facing a mounting pressure from the inspectorate to improve care standards, you may be thinking that staff training is the last thing on a managers mind at the moment, however, this should not be the case. Ensuring staff training is up to date and compliant will help keep these important standards high.

This is why in April of this year the Government introduced the Care Certificate which requires all new healthcare assistants and social care support workers to complete this certificate and during this time they’ll need to also be closely supervised at work.

The Care Certificate assesses the fundamental skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required to provide safe, effective and compassionate care. All healthcare professionals will need to demonstrate that they meet each of the 15 Care Certificate standards.

Understandably with resources tight within the care industry this may sound like a daunting task for managers and healthcare professionals alike ensuring completion. However, partnering with a training solutions provider like Redcrier can significantly help to provide this Government enforced training in a more flexible, effective and person centred approach.

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