The CQC Expects a Well-Trained Care Team – Could You Prove You Have One?

For care to be both effective and caring it stands to reason that the people delivering it must be trained and competent. This simple principle underlines why staff training is an important feature of every CQC inspection and rating. Many care providers come out of inspections wishing that the management of staff training was something they’d paid more attention to.

Providing training is not sufficient in itself. CQC inspectors also want to see evidence that the training is relevant, of good quality and is being applied. Being able to demonstrate that training is being applied matters almost as much as the quality of the training when it comes to your rating.

If you haven’t got the basics in place, such as the Care Certificate incorporated into a comprehensive induction programme, there’s a real risk that what the world will see is that your service ‘Requires Improvement,’ or worse.

Even if you provide training, if you can’t provide evidence that you are monitoring what people have learned and how they are putting it into practice you will probably be rated as requires improvement (at best) for this aspect of your service. If you are found to be seriously failing to ensure that staff receive adequate training and supervision you could be in breach of the Health and Social Care Act.

Staff Development and ‘Outstanding’

But let’s focus on the positive. Well managed, good quality training is part and parcel of being a Good or Outstanding care provider. It’s something that responsible care providers do because they want to deliver safe and effective care, not just to satisfy CQC inspectors.

To be rated Good or Outstanding, inspectors will need to see training carefully matched to the needs of your business and your clients. This will include being up-to-date with legislation, such as the Mental Capacity Act, and specific areas such as food hygiene, safe handling of people and objects, infection control and many others.

If you are on a journey to become an Outstanding care provider or want to ensure that you remain ‘Good’, staff training is certain to be a key part of your plan. This case study shows how one provider is using Silver Box distance learning to equip their team with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver outstanding care and to demonstrate that fact to the CQC.

If you want to start your own journey to Outstanding, talk to the Redcrier team today on 01823 332200 to see how we can help you implement a watertight staff development programme.