Quality Care Training Without Compromise

Face-to-Face-1024x558Managing a care business is often about managing conflicting priorities.

You want to deliver outstanding person-centered care, yet you have to achieve that within a tight budget.

You know that training your team to update their skills and knowledge is essential, yet you also need to maximise the time they spend delivering care.

Not only are spare resources limited, you also want to maximise continuity of care because individual relationships between service users and care workers are so important. Taking time out for training can affect this.

Added to that, we all have our own preferences when it comes to how we learn. So it’s no surprise that managing staff development is such a challenge. What you can never afford if you want to be an outstanding provider is to compromise on the quality of the training.

Other forms of learning
In response to these challenges we’ve seen a rapid growth of distance and online learning in recent years. Unfortunately, because much of the demand was compliance driven, the quality of some of the learning and assessment wasn’t always the highest.

As a sector, social care is moving beyond that short term approach. Providers are seeking out training programmes with the flexibility to suit busy schedules and individual learning styles, yet which still deliver high quality training and robust assessment.

The compromise good quality providers never want to make is between convenience and effective staff development. By effective we mean learning and skills development that makes a meaningful difference both to standards of care and to efficiency.

While some courses are unsuitable for some methods of delivery, the aim at Redcrier is to offer our customers the choice between classroom, distance and online learning or a blended solution wherever possible through our face to face, Silver Box and e-Learning courses.

The learning and assessment no matter what the delivery is thoroughly quality assured. You can be confident that, whatever method of delivery best suits your team and your schedule, the learning will deliver value to your organisation and better care to your service users.

Talk to the Redcrier team and see how our flexible learning packages could help your organisation deliver better, safer care.