What prevents training from improving working practice?

How do we learn? More importantly, how do we ensure that learning and training result in different behaviours and practice?

I’m sure we are all familiar with the feeling of returning from a training course bursting with new ideas, only to find that we gradually lapse back into established routines and practice. Why does this happen?

Usually it comes down to the lack of a systematic approach to learning. Most of the learning related to our jobs happens in the workplace. We are taught the procedures we need to follow. We watch and absorb what we see going on around us and what we see other people do.

In the face of these constantly reinforced influences, individual training courses have an uphill task to effect lasting change if the behaviours are not consistent with the training.  Hopefully there is a positive culture and values to guide us when in an unfamiliar situation and to help us challenge established methods, but there isn’t always.

Investment in Training

Little wonder that many organisations feel they don’t get a good return from their training investment. Or that they see training courses as a box ticking exercise to satisfy CQC inspectors.

Learning sticks when organisations are clear about the behaviours and values they want to see embedded. They can then ensure that any training is fully aligned with the working environment they want to develop.

Equally importantly, organisations can then plan how they will monitor and reinforce through aligned behaviours how training is being implemented. Is it actually resulting in better practice and better care for clients? Are employees recognised and rewarded for doing things the ‘right’ way?

Preparing the organisation is important. It’s unrealistic to expect individual members of staff to go on a course and cascade the newly learned good practice to their colleagues, but how often does that happen?

Managers and supervisors have to prepare the ground for best practice to take root. The culture and values of the organisation have to be consistent with the learning. That way there’s an excellent chance that the training will have the lasting impact businesses are looking for.

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