Learning Disability Awareness

Learning disabilityWhat is a learning disability? This is a term that a lot people would have heard, but many may not understand. All learning disabilities vary ranging from mild to severe and affect the way that a person understands information and how they communicate. Not everyone with a learning disability are dependent on someone, many children grow up to become very independent, however others will need help with everyday tasks, which many of us take for granted each day. It is of utmost importance to diagnose those learning disabilities and put the necessary level of care in place.

In 2015 the Care Certificate was officially launched with the aim to equip health and social care workers with the knowledge and skills to provide safe and compassionate care. December revealed the launch of the Learning Disability Awareness training course by Redcrier. This course aims to raise awareness of what this disability means and an understanding of how those with a learning disability can be supported. The course will show care workers how they can support through a person centred approach, communication, developing strategies to support behavioural change, learning disabilities and relationships.  All of these elements support the makeup of the Care Certificate providing essential skills and knowledge to help provide safe, high quality care and support.

According to the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, approximately 1.5 Million people in the UK have a learning disability, meaning the requirement for carers is also extremely high. Many people with learning disabilities will require 24/7 care, which can mean a lot of varied shifts for their carers; making it extremely difficult for them to find the time to expand their knowledge and skills through training. This is why Redcrier have created varied solutions to deliver training flexibly to suit your needs and help fit around your busy schedules.

With an array of different training packages available including e-learning and our unique Silver Box personal learning, our training can be tailored to your needs and requirements. With our Learning Disability Course you can expect learning outcomes based on helping carers to recognise the different causes of learning disabilities, how best to support individuals with this disability and the understanding of the behavioural difficulties found by these individuals and how best to develop strategies to help this behaviour. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your training requirements and recommend how to build a bespoke package for you, so please get in touch.