New Courses: Learning Disability Awareness and Supporting People With Autism


Mencap define a learning disability as a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday
activities, for example household tasks, socialising or managing money.  This affects someone for their whole life.

Learning Disabilities throughout history have invoked reactions that simply don’t fit into the 21st century. More recently greater importance is being placed on diagnosing learning disabilities and levels of care for those diagnosed has to be delivered to a higher standard.

The Learning Disabilities Observatory has carried out numerous studies, looking at the volume of people who have been diagnosed, broken down into geographical areas of the UK.  During this ongoing study they also looked at the standards of care offered to those with learning disabilities and  the different requirements that the categories (profound, severe, moderate and mild) of learning difficulties require. Taking into account children with varying levels of learning disabilities they have managed to use the data to make predictions into the future of care  for those with learning disabilities. Their findings show that the population of people diagnosed with learning disabilities will grow on average 2.8% every year  from now until 2030.

“All scenarios included in our estimation procedures suggested sustained growth in the need for social care services for adults with learning disabilities over the time period 2011-2030” Improving Health & Lives Learning Disabilities Observatory. The study suggests that there are currently 546,489 cases within the UK requiring care, however by 2030  considering the sustained growth, that amount will increase, potentially reaching 964,448. This in turn will increase  demand for care of these vulnerable individuals and has had a clear impact on the creation of the Care Act and the Care Certificate.

Through thorough research along with listening to feedback from our customers, we have created Learning Disabilities as a new addition to our Silver Box Distance Learning System. The course has been designed to give your staff an understanding of the following:

•What is meant by learning disability

•Recognising the different causes of learning disability

•Support person centred thinking and planning

•Support clients in their relationships

•Support communication

•Enable clients with behavioural difficulties to develop strategies to change their behaviour

•Understand the need for Independent advocacy

The Learning Disability Course will map across to the Care Certificate Standard 9 outcomes and help not only your new staff, but your existing staff to work there way through the fundamental standards. The course material will allow your staff to remove the barriers, reduce negative attitudes and include those with Learning Disabilities in a person centred way, improving the standard of care on offer.

If you would like more information regarding either the courses:
Learning Disability Awareness Course

Supporting People With Autism Course

or would like to order your copy then please feel free to email info@redcrier.com or call 01823 332200.