Do you meet the standards?

Being compliant with legislation and standards is of paramount responsibility for anyone working within the care industry.  As we all know these standards can change to keep pace with legislation and occurrences within the health sector and managers and staff end up spending time away from care to ensure they comply.

With the introduction of the Care Certificate earlier this year staff training has a direct impact on the standards of care within any given organisation. If a care organisation uses staff training in the correct way, the positives will be beneficial for the entire organisation as your staff’s individual abilities and performance has a direct impact on the care provided and will therefore have a direct correlation to compliance and any future inspection.

We believe that staff training is not only essential for a care organisation and an ongoing requirement of the inspectorate, but by providing the best possible care you will achieve more  than just ticking boxes to please a CQC or local authority inspector. Productive empowered staff can help your business run more smoothly and reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries or litigation. And an ongoing training and development programme is likely to enhance progression and increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.  We know as results from our clients having gone through our training programmes see a marked improvement in performance against standards.

Here is a quick reference to the fundamental standards issued by The Care Quality Commission updated April 2015.  The fundamental standards are the standards below which care must never fall. These are the standards everybody has a right expect when they receive care. They form part of changes to the law recommended by Sir Robert Francis following his inquiry into care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

These changes mean everybody has the right to expect this level of care as a minimum.