CQC Changes: Proposed updates to the CQC inspection and KLOES framework

CQC’s next phase of Regulation, part of their 2016-2021 strategy, is due to take effect as of November 2017 and it will consist of a more targeted, collaborative approach.

This approach will minimise the complexity for providers that deliver more than one service. They will be more responsive to how organisations are structured when deciding how and when to inspect.

They will support providers who take over services that need improvement, because the provider wants to improve them.

CQC will streamline their inspection process by having one handbook for all Care services and one for Health services, they will still provide supporting documents for different service types. Inspections will be focused on Leadership at each individual service, but take account of the role of head office where applicable.

These changes are intended to simplify the process by closely aligning the questions asked of different sectors within Health and Social care.

The five areas of the framework; Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well led are largely the same. The focus of Caring has been strengthened to look at how the service supports a caring culture. It has been made clearer that a responsive provider is one that delivers services to meet the individual’s needs. A clearer emphasis on ensuring the sustainability of the service is evident in the Well led section.

Some changes have been made to the wording of some of the key lines of enquiry and in some areas more questions added to ensure alignment. Specific prompts are included for the following to ensure they are part of the inspection:

  •  System Leadership, integration and information sharing.
  • Information Governance and data security
  • Technology
  • Medicines
  • End of life care
  • Personalisation, social action and the use of volunteers

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