Moving People Safely For Mentors/Tutors

Course aim

This course is aimed at people who have completed our Safe Handling of People course to ensure they are competent in the knowledge and practical elements of moving people safely. The course will show them how to pass on their practical skills and techniques acquired to enable others to become competent. It will not teach basic moving & handling principles as it will be assumed each participant already have knowledge and experience from having done our Safe Handling of People course. The Moving People Safely for Mentors and Tutors course will include instruction on how to use the principles of moving and handling manual. There will be an additional cost to buy the Distance Learning manual and annual subscription. Please speak to us for more details about the Distance Learning Manual that can accompany this course. Maximum of 6 participants per course.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how, the principles of moving and handling, distance learning manual works.
  • Understand the different ways people learn
  • Support others to carry out risk assessments (T.I.L.E.E).
  • Support others to recognise and use principles of movement.
  • Support others to carry out transfers using equipment
  • Support others to carry out transfers without equipment
  • Support others to understand the principles of hoisting.
  • Be able to devise a learning plan.

Course content

  • A demonstration of how the distance learning manual works to complement the practical.
  • Look at learning styles.
  • Supporting the use of risk assessment (T.I.L.E.E).
  • Demonstrating Principles of movement.
  • Imparting practical skills.
  • Demonstrating Principles of hoisting.
  • Devising an individual learning plan.

Course time

Face-to-face: 6 Hours

Delivery styles available

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We can also supply this Mentors and Tutors style course in Basic Emergency Aid